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Air conditioned double rooms

Air conditioned plus fan cooled bedrooms, self-contained with private bathroom, at the budget price of K200 are a feature of Tabari Guest House, Port Moresby.

The air conditioned, self-contained double rooms cost K200/night and offer you:

The private bathroom of an air conditioned, self-contained room at Tabari Guest House.
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fan for the best in tropical cooling.
  • En suite bathroom and toilet for privacy and comfort.
  • Double bed with a good mattress.
  • Flat panel TV.
  • Bench and storage space.
  • Refrigerator for your cool drinks and snacks.
  • Choice of upstairs or downstairs rooms (depending on occupancy).
  • Security of a key deadlock on the door.
  • Daily servicing.

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Entrance 600 W

Book in here to Tabari Guest House on Reke Street

Bedroom 600 W

Air conditioned bedroom

Deadlock 6001 W

Keyed deadlocks for security

Friendly staff 600 W

Friendly staff service rooms daily

Fan cooled rooms

Fan cooled rooms at Tabari Guest House, Port Moresby, provide comfort with a double bed with 5” foam mattress at a cheap price.

The fan cooled double rooms cost K150/night and offer you:

Good fan cooling in the cheap rooms at Tabari Guest House, Port Moresby.
  • Fan cooling.
  • Shared bathroom and toilets, with separate facilities for men and women.
  • Double bed with a foam mattress.
  • Security of a key deadlock on the door.
  • Daily servicing.
Towel n flowers 600 W

A little extra in the bedroom

Upper verandah 600 W

The upper verandah: a pleasant breezy place

Lower verandah 600 W

The lower verandah; a relaxing spot

Evening at Tabari Guest House

Good night at Tabari Guest House

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